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What all you need to know about Wall Sconces


The use of wall sconces has prevailed since a long time back in the pre historic times. As time has progressed there have been great improvements in the wall sconces designs but the basic design remains same. Wall sconces have always remained a popular lighting option for all homes.

wall sconces

Importance of wall sconces
Wall sconces have always been one of the most popular forms of lighting ranging from candles to hurricanes and lamps, electrical bulbs as well as candles and many more wall lighting solutions. Wall sconces can be easily placed on the walls and it also helps to save a lot of space compared to table lamps as well as floor lighting. That is why wall sconces are known to be the best way for lighting small spaces in rooms like bathrooms and passages, halls, entries of doors, and entry ways.

Different kind of wall sconces
In today’s modern world you would find many different kinds of wall sconces to compliment your home decor. Wall sconces are available in modern as well as contemporary and rustic styles to accentuate your rooms. You can choose from a variety of wall sconces like candle sconces, electric bulb sconces, as well as electric candles. Wall sconces are best for decorating your interior space
wall sconces

Placement of a wall sconce
Wall sconces are the best way to light up your homes. However it is important to place the wall sconces in a proper position as improper positioning may also occur blinding of the eyes. Wall sconces should be placed 5 feet above the floor and ten feet apart in rooms with high or arched ceilings. They should also be placed in the best highlight points and the furnishings as well as room decorations and seating areas should be taken into account. They should also be properly balanced. Wall sconces are a beautiful addition to any room décor.